Enjoy the Amazon river and wild life while kayaking on lonesome rivers.

Stay overnight in a jungle camp or with locals.

One of the last real Amazon adventures.

Rate: From USD 100 per person per day


Kayaking on Jatapu River

The Jatapu river is a tributary of the Uatuma River 350 km east of Manaus.
We reach there by river boat or road to Itapiranga.
We continue the journey with a motorized canoe 100km up the Uatamu river reaching the mouth of the Jatupa river.
We will go up the river about 200km.
On the river itself  there are few inhabitants, most time you will kayak through lonesome river stretches observation dolphins, monkeys and birds as egret, gray heron, king fisher and more.
While camping in primary rain forest you might see jaguars, deers, bats and other forest dwellers.
Recommended duration: 7-14 days

Kayaking on Negro River

The Negro River is the main tributary of the Amazon River.
You can kayak from Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira 1000km west until the mouth near Manaus.
On the way up we take a river boat, speed boat or plane.
Possible start or end location are:
Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira (1000km)
Santa Isabel de Rio Negro (700km)
Barcelos (400 km)
Novo Airao (100km)
On your journey you pass the 2 largest sweet water archipelagos Mariua and Anavilhanas and various indigenous communities.
One of the ultimate adventures in the world.
Recommended duration: 7-30 days

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