Amazon Jungle Lodges

EcoPark Lodge

Location: 50km west of Manaus on the Taruma Acu River.

The EcoPark Lodge is a luxury jungle hotel with private beach and comfortable suites
The restaurant offers local and international cuisine

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Anaconda Lodge

Location: 50km north west of Manaus on the Negro River

New jungle hotel located on an island.
12 Bungalows and 10 Apartments with marvelous view over the Negro river
Enjoy your grilled Peacock bass and cocktails on the swimming pool

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Mamori Island Lodge

Location: 80km south of Manaus on the Mamori river.

The Mamori Island Lodge is a new jungle hotel with a marvelous view over the Mamori river.
They offer 8 chalets for up to 4 person with air condition and private bathroom.
The restaurant offers typical food from the Amazon like grilled Tambaqui and international cuisine like Steak Milanese.
Relax on the dock enjoying the sunset or catch some fish.

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Juma Eco Lodge

Location: 100km south of Manaus on the Juma River.

The Juma Eco Lodge is a jungle hotel located on an island on the Juma river.
Its run by a native family with ecological and sustainable aspect.
They offer 12 apartments with private bathroom.
Enjoy your morning bath directly from the veranda and watch the pink river dolphin passing by.

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